mist water fountain

  • Outdoor Led Mist Water Fountain

    The high-pressure fogging system uses the high-pressure fogging system to spray the purified water droplets in the form of fine mist of 1-15 micrometers (0.001mm). It floats in the air like natural fog, and it is also a fantasy. It makes people feel like a fairyland.
    The large amount of negative ions generated by the spray can freshen the air and change the local microclimate. The mist absorbs heat when it evaporates quickly, and achieves the effects of cooling, landscaping and purifying the air.
    Artificial cold fog is widely used in natural gardens and environmental landscapes, and is mainly used in parks, stage, leisure places, fountains and other places.

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  • Garden Water Mist Fountain Solution

    Cold fog is a kind of fountain that can mist the environment and make the air wet and friendly. It can be used alone in garden stone situation, or can use in a pool with music fountain with lighting effect.

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  • Decorative Park Fog Water Fountain

    The purified water droplets are sprayed out in the form of 1-15 micron (0.001 mm) mist by high-pressure fogging system, which is like natural fog floating in the air. It makes people feel comfortable in fairyland. The large amount of negative ions produced by spray can make the air fresh and moist, change the local microclimate, and absorb the heat when evaporating rapidly, so as to achieve the effect of cooling, landscaping and purifying the air.

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