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  • Fountain show scenic light show

    Fountain show scenic light show

    The large scale water dance light show produced by Australia rainbow,light show performances once again.magnificent fountain water dance show is a fascinating light show with full sense of science and technology. The performance of the whole show is rich and diverse, with varied repertoire and wonderful performances, presenting a colorful audio-visual feast of science and technology for the 70th anniversary celebration party.

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    Park Bridge Building Lighting

    Park Bridge Building Lighting

    This outdoor lighting project starts from the entrance to the main gate of Laiyuan Lake, and the main axis is the 2km-long main road around the lake. The tree landscape, lake island, multiple towers, pavilions and seven bridges constitute the overall design plan for the four themed sections of the natural landscape garden, the ancient charm garden, the colorful imagination garden, and the fantasy exploration garden. Each park is designed with different themes according to its own natural features and landscapes. The biggest highlight is that interactive digital technology can be seen everywhere along the road. For example, the ancient charm garden uses digital technology and installation art to interpret local representative cultural symbols. The design pays attention to the sense of experience of tourists, so that tourists can relive history and culture in light and shadow, and enjoy the joy of exploration while traveling.

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  • Interactive Park Lighting Design

    Interactive Park Lighting Design

    The immersive interactive lighting interactive installation art focuses on creating an "immersive" experience.
    With the development of technology, there are more and more talents in light and shadow. Immersive interactive lighting interactive devices are not only used for indoor exhibition and display experience, but the application fields are continuously expanded, and they are beginning to be widely used in public landscapes, such as parks, squares, forests and scenic spots. It integrates lighting, technology, art, culture, music, creativity, entertainment, etc., allowing visitors to be in a colorful virtual world of light and shadow. The immersive lighting interactive installation experience allows visitors to integrate themselves into artistic creation and interaction.

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  • Outdoor Programmable Musical Laser Lighting Show for Park

    Outdoor Programmable Musical Laser Lighting Show for Park

    The fountain show is set in 96 meters long and 24 meters wide floating platform in the large lake. It is designed as the core performing arts center with multi modern nozzles such as elegant rainbow crossing fountain, hundred meters center high jet fountain, air explosion nozzle, 3D nozzles, running fountain, holographic projection water screen movies,water screen interactive system, beam lights show ,laser and other high-tech elements. This multimedia water show lighted up the whole lake.

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