• Workplace business etiquette training

    Workplace business etiquette training

    The etiquette image of employees is the reaction of knowledge level, self-cultivation and grace. As a professional person, the company etiquette is not only for each employee's decent instrument, posture, normative behavior, but also needs a good spirit.

  • Water treatment equipment

    Water treatment equipment

    The beauty of the fountain comes from the pressure of the water. Fountain can be built in the pool, swimming pool, pond, river, lake, sea, ground ect, especially for dry fountain, floor fountain, ground fountain, people especially children will play with water, thus need high requirement on water quality, we will use water treatment equipment to promise water quality to the level people can play.

  • Outstanding contribution award

    Outstanding contribution award

    Yizhu is committed to introducing the art appreciation information professional to micro-business owners who are interested in the improvement of art and self-improvement, with the support of many the government in the country, let the entrepreneurs feel the charm of culture in the process of art-assisted cultivation.

  • Environmental Management System Certification

    Environmental Management System Certification

    ISO9001(GB/T24001—2016/ISO 14001:2015)

  • Quality Management System Certification

    Quality Management System Certification

    Quality Management System Certification(ISO9001) is used to demonstrate that an organization has the ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

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