fountain with fire

  • Beautiful Outdoor Fountain With Fire

    Fire spray speed is controlled with music rhythm and it can speed freely (the fastest speed is 4-5 times per second). The fire spray action is perfect moderate with the beat of music. It can be called the newest "dance music fountain with fire”. The spark programming is simple and it just needs to make the required type fire instructions send to the control unit, then all kinds of actions can be completed automatically, which fully realizes the fire music fountain "time code" control. Combinations of multiple fire nozzles makes the performance of dancing, music and fantasy fire spray come true.
    We will design an unique fountain for you base on your situation .

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  • Water And Fire Fountain Outdoor

    Water and fire dance together. The flame blooms on the water column and turns into a sea of fire on the water surface to outline beautiful lines along the track of water flow. This shocking visual effect is gorgeous and dazzling, and the momentum brick can not be forgotten for a long time.
    - Budget and Design Assistance
    - Design/Build
    - Turnkey Construction
    - ODM Construction
    - Fountain after sales service
    - Scheduled Maintenance

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