Hubei Huanggang Art Park "Xishui Dream" Musical Water Dance Show With Stainless Steel O Sculpture

Design concept:

the dreamy light is installed on the sculpture of "dream fulfillment", and the glittering water light reflects people's beautiful vision. The light waterscape of "white lotus blossom" and the light sculpture of "blooming flowers and full moon" reflect each other into brilliance. The water type light changes infinitely with the rhythm of music, interprets the past and present lives of Xishui County, and also contains the beautiful implication of "when the flowers are blooming and moon is full, the dreams will come true".

Water Dance Show

Musical Water Dance Show

Xishui county is a county under the jurisdiction of Huanggang City, Hubei Province, China. It is an important part of Wuhan city circle. Xishui county is located in the south foot of Dabie Mountain, the east of Hubei, and the North Bank of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, belonging to Huanggang City.

Water Dance Show With SculptureWater Dance Show

The scope of this project is the urban balcony in the art park. The art park is located between the first bridge and the third bridge, covering an area of about 127000 square meters. The art park is mainly an outdoor public space with modern art experience and leisure as its main functions, which is composed of Xishui dream city balcony, langzhen art waterfront, cherry blossom leisure waterfront, Yuyang square and other elements

"Xishui O Dream" is composed of stone pavement area, lawn greening area, pool fountain area and O-shaped display device area; The fountain area is made up of many design elements, such as chasing the wind and waves, rolling financial resources, magic Wonderland, as bright as the stars, streamers and colors.

Musical Water Dance Show

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