Which music fountain company is better? What should I choose?


Which music fountain company is better? What should I choose?

In the fountain manufacturing industry, fountain manufacturing companies are also uneven, and of course the prices are also different. But "good products are not cost-effective", especially in the fountain manufacturing industry. Musical fountain system only pays attention to the price that immediately harms the actual effect of the visualization of the fountain, the quality of the fountain machinery and the safety factor of the fountain. The fountain is meant for everyone to watch and appreciate, and all defects in quality cannot be covered. What's more important is the hidden dangers of fountain safety. Many fountain safety accidents are caused by the music fountain company's failure to modify safety protectors due to cost savings. This type of transaction that only depends on the price does not pay off is believed to be difficult for most customers.

The success of a good musical fountain is indispensable for a good musical fountain company behind it.

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1. Select a music fountain company with a separate fountain design department

A reliable and technically professional musical fountain company must have a separate fountain design department. The design plan is the life of the fountain, and the fountain design department controls the water style and actual effect. A good fountain design plan will comprehensively consider the surrounding environment, local history, humanities, and natural and geographical characteristics and integrate them into the fountain, highlighting the fountain design concept, and then integrate the fountain’s artistic creativity and rational layout and overall planning to make the fountain more Use value of art appreciation. The fountain design department generally consists of professional fountain art creative and reasonable layout designers, three-dimensional animators, actual effect designers of fountain floor plans, water supply and drainage technical engineers, fluid dynamics technical engineers, and mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure that the technical expertise is efficient Perform the entire process of musical fountain from import to performance.


2. In addition, a musical fountain company with a separate fountain engineering construction team

In addition to the fountain design department with technical expertise, there are also separate fountain engineering construction teams. Many small musical fountain companies do not support construction workers in order to save labor costs. After receiving the fountain project, the project was outsourced to construction personnel. So it is extremely evasive to the customer to do it, that is, it cannot ensure the actual effect of the fountain's estimated performance and the construction quality of the fountain project. Moreover, after the acceptance of the project, if all problems arise in the fountain afterwards, it will cause excuses of obligations, and it is impossible to clarify the responsible person, let alone hold the person accountable.


3. Select a music fountain company with after-sales maintenance service team

The musical fountain company with professional technology and overall strength also has a sound after-sales maintenance service team. During the warranty period, regardless of whether the fountain is operating normally or not, we will do regular inspections and maintenance for the customer’s fountain on time to ensure that the fountain continues to operate normally and increase the fountain’s service life. After the warranty period, there are all fountain problems, the music fountain company can cooperate with customers to deal with them immediately.


At this stage, there are very few music fountain companies that actually have after-sales service teams on the market. After a problem occurs in the fountain, they cannot immediately solve the problem for customers. Maintaining fountains is the same as maintaining a beautiful car. We must ensure timely maintenance. From these aspects, it is very important to choose a musical fountain company with an after-sales service team.


4. Music fountain company with rich experience in fountain engineering projects

A certain level of experience in fountain engineering projects means the overall overall strength of the company. Music fountain companies that have experienced many years of development tend to have a variety of fountain design solutions and construction work experience. Customers can comprehensively consider this music fountain company based on their own requirements, combined with the music fountain company’s past project work experience and overall strength Can you consider your own needs? In terms of choosing a music fountain company: what is in line is not necessarily suitable. But what is suitable must be satisfying at all levels.


5. Music fountain company with qualification certificate of fountain manufacturing industry level

In the fountain manufacturing industry, the fountain company must have a qualification certificate issued by the Fountain Waterscape Federation of the China Construction Metal Component Research Association. Qualification certificate levels are divided into six levels from high to low, namely special class, first A class, second A class, first B class, second B class and C class. The division of the fountain level carries out comprehensive consideration and appraisal from all aspects of the fountain company's registered capital, contract credit line, technical performance and level, construction equipment and application level, and management capabilities.

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Rainbows Fountain is a reputable multinational enterprise engaged in waterscape art, which is the expert and leader of fountain industry. We can provide professional one-stop customized service, including fountain design, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation and after-sale maintenance. We have rich experience and provided good solutions of fountain project for more than 30 countries. Since established in 2014, Rainbows Fountain has owned a separate fountain design department, separate fountain engineering construction team, after-sales maintenance service team and first A class qualification certificate. 

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