A season of crape myrtle flower blooming romantic ground musical fountain

A season of crape myrtle flower blooming romantic ground musical fountain

This ground musical fountain project was buit in 2020, the design is follow the theme of the mall " crape myrtle flower'',the water feature and the color ,and also the shape of the equipment all are closely follow the theme of the mall .This year ,the crape myrtle flowers around the mall are blooming with the fountain .

  • Which music fountain company is better? What should I choose?

    In the fountain manufacturing industry, fountain manufacturing companies are also uneven, and of course the prices are also different. But "good products are not cost-effective", especially in the fountain manufacturing industry. Musical fountain system only pays attention to the price that immediately harms the actual effect of the visualization of the fountain, the quality of the fountain machinery and the safety factor of the fountain.

  • The role of musical fountain

    Walking into the theme park, I gradually heard the gurgling sound of water. Under the decoration of the lights, it looked like a luminous jellyfish from a distance, like a throne, or gorgeous like must guess what it is. In fact, it is a music fountain. Let us Rainbows Fountain introduces the function of the fountain to you!

  • Research focus of waterscape fountain design

    In recent years, the application technology of waterscape fountains has developed rapidly, and many technologies have been widely used in practice. There are many types of fountain companies.

  • The importance of maintenance to musical fountain

    While we appreciate the art brought to us by musical fountains, we must not forget to maintain and maintain them, because these public and open-air equipment is easy to age. If we do not carry out maintenance, problems will definitely occur over time, so in order to have a better effect on the musical fountain, we must carry out maintenance.

  • What are the price factors of musical fountain?

    What are the price factors of musical fountain? Building a musical fountain is the dream of many users. But before building, they always prioritize how much it needs to invest in. No fountain company can give a clear price, after all, too many factors affect its price. Let us give you a detailed introduction from Rainbows Fountain Company.

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