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Nothing is more impressive than seeing an image appearing in the sky for an instant, just like a mirage. Throughout the ages, people around the world have marveled at this magical natural phenomenon, and even added the reputation of Penglai Wonderland.

But the mirage is a supernatural phenomenon that can't be met. How do I feel that I always see it in daily life?

After careful observation and browsing a lot of information, I found that this is all presented by high-tech means!

Today, I will tell you how to realize the "Penglai Wonderland" in life. They are screen projection, fog screen projection, and water screen projection.

Screen projection

Screen refers to a projection screen made of mesh material. Its medium is like a light screen, which can transmit light while ensuring that the picture is still beautiful and full of colors. Therefore, this kind of projection screen is called a screen.

Screen projection

Screens usually use extremely thin wire mesh, steel mesh, or gauze with mesh holes, and translucent screens made of chemical fiber materials.

The imaging medium formed by the screen can provide a good imaging visual effect response, which can bring shocking visual impact when used in large-scale exhibitions, especially large-scale evening parties.

immersive experience

The screen itself is light and thin, and the installation method is not limited, and it can be scattered or discounted. Moreover, it does not occupy a position after being stowed, and can be flexibly placed when used, which greatly reduces the installation cost compared with the fog curtain and the water curtain.

Screen projection

Throwing light and shadow on the veil from the front can make the image mapped on the veil vivid and moving. When you cast light and shadow on the veil from the back of the veil, the image mapped in front of the veil will no longer appear to exist.

The audience can see the objects on the back of the screen through the screen, which is more transparent than the traditional projection screen, so it is easy to express the dreamy virtual scene.

Screen projection in a large-scale stage display can expand the spatial hierarchy of the stage, enhance the interaction between actors and images in the performance, and add more charm to the performance.

The technology of water curtain projection is to spray water from bottom to top at high speed through a high-pressure water pump and a special water curtain transmitter to form a fan-shaped water curtain. The engineering projector projects a special animation on the water curtain to form a water curtain image. .

Screen projection

The water curtain projection also uses the imaging principle of the mirage. It uses the particles in the water to present light and shadow images. The water curtain projection scene is grand and magnificent, and is usually used in large-scale outdoor landscape installations and stage performances in special environments.

water screen projection

When the audience is watching the animation, the fan-shaped water curtain merges with the natural night sky. When the characters enter and exit the screen, it seems that a character takes off to the sky or descends from the sky, producing a dazzling and bizarre effect.

In addition to the highly ornamental water screen projection performance, there is also an interactive water screen projection “Laiyuan lake” that adds an interactive system.

The audience can join the performance to control the interactive device, and the participating crowd can control it through sound and motion.

The crowd can shout, wave, or jump into the ears of each periscope. The more the number of participants, the more shouts, the brighter and more charming the strange animation in the water curtain, giving the audience a full range of sensory experience.

The translated Chinese name of this work is "Near Moon Point", which means "a tribute to human curiosity and instinct", allowing participants to control the emotions of the scene and encouraging them to cooperate to create beautiful visual effects.

immersive experience

This work is a good combination of audiovisual senses and fun interaction. Fully stimulated the participation of the masses, turning each audience into a creator.

The performance brought by the water curtain projection can be said to be a leapfrogging symbol in the history of human stage art, from the land stage to the water stage. When technology can become a tool for realizing our illusions, all the imaginary things are no longer whimsical.

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